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3 Things To Watch Out For When NASCAR Hall Of Fame Re-Opens

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

If You're Into Racing And Cars...

Then you must be in it for the thrill, entertainment, and incomparable rush. Car racing is popular all over the world and there's simply no doubt that fans and enthusiasts can be found in every state and country.

But beyond the obvious physical impact and experience, car racing also has a rich and vibrant history that dates way back late 1800s. And if you are looking to immerse in the history of car racing in an interactive and unforgettable way, then you should definitely visit the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte, North Carolina.

A Museum Beyond Imagination

"More than a museum" - that's their famous tagline. The NASCAR Hall of Fame has in store cars, racers, stories, experiences, facts, trivia, milestones, and activities that will surely bring the history of car racing closer and much more relevant to the public.

Passed on from generation to generation, the history of car racing has gotten only better and richer through time and the NASCAR Hall of Fame has captured this amazingly and extensively.

Three Things To Watch Out For When NASCAR Hall Of Fame Opens Soon

As of this writing, the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte North Carolina is still closed due to the present adverse situation. But, it has already announced in its official website ( that it will resume its operations and be open again to the public on September 16.

Here is a quick list of the three things you have to watch out for when the NASCAR Hall of Fame re-opens:

1) Join The Racing Insiders Tours

Get amazed as you join the Racing Insiders Tours this coming October and the NASCAR Hall of Fame proudly says, "It's not just a tour... It's a hot pass on four wheels." Since the NASCAR Hall of Fame is opening on September 16, all their Racing Insiders Tours within the said month have been cancelled. But six tours will be ready to accept visitors on October and more on the coming months. You can conveniently buy tickets online via their official website.

2) Be Fascinated With The Phoenix Race Viewing Party

On November 8 at 3PM, the Phoenix Race Viewing Party will happen in the 278-seater High Octane Theater. This will provide you with an immersive, realistic, and comfortable experience as you sit on a high-back chair, watch on a curved 64-foot wide screen, and feast your ears with surround sound while two drivers race. You can purchase your tickets online as well.

3) Visit And See The Remarkable Exhibits

Eight exhibits are on display in the NASCAR Hall of Fame and these will definitely bring joy and excitement to all car racing fans all over the world. These exhibits include 1) Dale Jr.: Glory Road Champions, 2) Haulin': 25 Years of NASCAR Trucks, 3) Hall of Honor, 4) Racing Simulators, 5) High Octane Theater, 6) Inside NASCAR, 7) Heritage Speedway, and 8) Whelen Hall of Champions. Make sure that you plan your visit ahead so that you and your family can enjoy the NASCAR Hall of Fame to the maximum level.

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