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Erectile Dysfunction Overview

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Erectile dysfunction is a common issue that makes it difficult for men to maintain an erection for sex. Difficulty maintaining an erection isn't always a cause for concern unless it's an ongoing issue. Ultimately, this can create a lot of stress, lower your self-confidence, and even lead to relationship issues. Erectile dysfunction may be a sign of an underlying health problem that needs immediate treatment.

Scheduling an appointment with your doctor is important if you are concerned about erectile dysfunction. A doctor treating an underlying health condition may be enough to reverse your erectile dysfunction, or additional medications may be needed. Learning more about the symptoms is essential in helping you overcome this issue.

Common Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction Include:

·Difficulty getting an erection

·Trouble maintaining an erection

·Decreased sexual desire

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Sexual arousal for men is a complicated process that involves hormones, nerves, emotions, blood vessels, and the brain. Significant stress and mental health issues may also cause erectile dysfunction. Oftentimes, men experience a combination of causes that results in erectile problems.

Common Physical Causes for Erectile Dysfunction

Many times erectile dysfunction is due to physical issues. Taking steps to overcome these physical problems is important to your health and can also solve your erectile dysfunction.

A few of common physical reasons include:


·High cholesterol


·Heart disease

·Sleep Disorders

·Low testosterone

Common Psychological Reasons for Erectile Dysfunction

The brain plays a vital role in triggering various physical events to cause and maintain an erection. However, a variety of things can interfere with this process and make it difficult to obtain an erection.

A few common reasons include:




·Relationship Problems

·Mental Disorders

Common Risk Factors for Erectile Dysfunction

Many men have difficulty developing and maintaining a firm erection as they get older. Obviously, this can be a frustrating experience and lead to additional stress, which makes the problem even worse. Erectile problems are often an embarrassing problem for most men, but reaching out to your doctor is essential in helping you overcome this issue. Understanding common risk factors is important in helping you find the source of the problem.

Various Risk Factors Include:

·Numerous medical conditions, such as heart problems or diabetes

·Injuries damaging your nerves or arteries

·Frequent tobacco or drug use

·Radiation treatment for cancer or prostate surgery

·Side effects of medication for depression or high blood pressure

Sides Effects of Erectile Dysfunction

Many problems can result from erectile dysfunction, such as:

·Low self-esteem

·Unsatisfactory sex life

·Inability to produce kids

·Additional stress and anxiety

·Relationship issues

Erectile dysfunction can happen to any man due to a variety of reasons, such as dealing with underlying health conditions or stress in the workplace. Reaching out to an experienced medical doctor is a great way to learn more about this problem and receive medical advice to help you overcome this common issue.

Now is the perfect time to schedule an appointment with a medical doctor to help you overcome erectile dysfunction.

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